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Four flight options

1. Charter the entire plane

Take the jet anywhere you wish!1 Platinum members receive a 20% discount. Clients can have their vehicle serviced while away.

2. Open Seat Specials on flights

Members can purchase open seats at significant savings. Platinum members enjoy preferred pricing.2 Open flights are posted on a regular basis and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure to schedule service for your vehicle while you travel! A hostess will be on board during all scheduled flights.

3. Special event flights

The NBA Finals, "Hamilton" on Broadway, the Masters in Augusta - Flight Plan loves to organize special-event trips. Members can purchase seats on these flights and enjoy service and five-star dining from our on board hostess. Special-event flights will be available on a first-come, first-served basis with platinum members enjoying early availability. Have your car serviced while you are away.


4. Demand flights

Members can request special-event trips when the jet is available. Your demand flight is then broadcast to all members, who can then purchase any remaining seats. Once six seats are filled, your trip is booked!3


1 Overnight costs for pilot and crew and plane parking fees are not included when chartering both ways. Twelve hours between takeoff and landings in one day is the maximum. Membership is for two, but if either is traveling, they can pay the member rate for additional seats. 2 The round-trip rate is charged regardless of whether you fly round-trip or one way. 3 Six seats must be sold for a demand flight to be confirmed.

Example charter pricing


Cleveland - Chicago (Midway) round-trip

Total flight time: 2 hours, 16 minutes (same-day trip)


Standard member charter price: $9,985

Platinum member charter price: $7,367 (about $920 per seat)



Cleveland - Boston (Hanscom) round-trip

Total flight time: 2 hours, 48 minutes (same-day trip)


Standard member charter price: $10,907

Platinum member charter price: $8,984 (about $1,120 per seat)



Cleveland - New York City (Teterboro) round-trip

Total flight time: 2 hours, 36 minutes (same-day trip)


Standard member charter price: $10,649

Platinum member charter price: $8,378 (about $1,045 per seat)


Membership and Flight Rates

Flight Plan platinum membership is $1,995/year. Only clients of a Bernie Moreno dealership may become members. Standard members enjoy Flight Plan services at non-discounted rates.

Flight Type

Charter Rate


Special Event


Platinum Member





Standard Member





Flight Plan acts solely as agent for its customers, and is not the operator of any aircraft. Flight Plan books all flights for its customers on FAA/ DOT certificated air carriers which exercise full operational control of all flights. Any aircraft owned or leased by Flight Plan are dry leased to the operating air carrier to facilitate operations by that carrier.

The Flight Plan program (Program] is being offered by Flight Plan LLC and the Bernie Moreno Companies (BMC]. However, neither Flight Plan nor BMC is an authorized air carrier. In marketing the Program, Flight Plan is acting only as an agent for a Flight Plan member in arranging flights under the Program. All flights under the Program will be operated by Sky Quest, an FAA-certificated on-demand air carrier. All Program flights will be under the sole and exclusive control of Sky Quest. For more details about responsibility for Program flights, please consult the Program Membership Agreement.